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The Water Damage Repair Process

Water Damage Repair Houston, TX

Water Damage Repair in Houston, TX

Water damage to your home can leave you feeling helpless, distressed, and angry. Luckily, the team at Compass Reconstruction Services offers water damage repair for the entire Houston, TX area. Our crew will restore your home back to its original shape. That will surely take the weight off of your shoulders!

There are several causes for water damage, and all of them have different levels of severity. Some of the most common causes of water damage are:

  • Natural disasters, extreme weather
  • Leaking pipes or bursting pipes
  • Plumbing system problems
  • Basement, attic, or crawl space flooding

In the Houston, TX area, flash floods and natural disasters are common. Compass Reconstruction Services understands the severity of these cases, and our staff works with disaster insurance claims to make sure the repair process runs smoothly. Our water damage repair services will cover all of the bases, including remodeling, repainting, and more.

  • First and foremost, we are available for emergency phone calls in case of a water damage emergency. You need to target the problem immediately instead of waiting for the water to subside.
  • Our water damage repair team will inspect and assess the damage, then begin the water removal and extraction process.
  • After all water has been removed, we will dry and dehumidify the area. Next, we will clean and sanitize to remove any harmful chemicals or mold.
  • Once the area is dry and free of water, we will begin the water damage repair and remodeling process. We'll let you know how long this process will take.

If your home has water damage, contact the professionals at Compass Reconstruction Services. We will be happy to assist you with water damage repair and remodeling. Check out our Areas Served page to see if we service your location. Call with any questions!

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