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We Accept Disaster Insurance Claims For Fire Related Incidents

Fire Damage Repair Houston, TX

Here at Disaster Reconstruction Services in Houston, TX, we understand how devastating a fire can be to your property. We also understand how anxious you must be to start the clean-up and restoration process. However, we encourage you to seek professional repairs from fire restorers like us instead of tackling it on your own.

Our fire damage repair services cover:

  • Removing soot from household carpets, upholstery, and other textiles
  • Removing smoke odor with deodorization
  • Cleaning soot stains from walls
  • Air purification

Fire Damage Repair in Houston, TX

Compass Reconstruction Services accepts disaster insurance claims for fire related incidents and damages. We will work with your insurance company to process the claim and then immediately begin repairs. Fire damage repair may seem like a lengthy process, but we do our best to quickly bring your home back to its former state. Our fire restorers aim to make your home soot free and odor free.

Please contact us immediately if you need fire damage repair in the Houston, TX area today.